Heat transfer labels on roll follow the highest standards globally. Our eco roll heat transfers are ideal for sportswear, inside tags, underwear, etc. According to OEKO-TEX® class 1, it is ideal for tagless inside labels or small heat transfer designs. This technique offers high elasticity and low transfer temperature for elastic and sensitive fabrics.

The feeling of the low cure roll heat transfer labels to the fabrics is exceptionally soft, and it can be ironed too. The production with a roll to roll machine is 500-1000 pcs/hour.

Application:  Sportswear, baby-wear, t-shirts, socks, and underwear

Leather & Plastic 

Ideal for leather and plastic fabrics. This heat transfer label adheres to pure leather, artificial leather, galosh, PVC, and Anorak. The pressing conditions to apply at less than 110° C temperature resulting in a direct print.

Application: Shoes leather industry, galosh, PVC and Anorak


Roll heat transfer for shoe industry application can be transferred easily to most of the fabrics of the shoe industry or safety gloves. The insole roll heat transfer is used mainly for the label on insoles, it is very durable, and the stable transfer can't be damaged from abrasion.

Application: Insoles, safety gloves

We co-operate with the best roll heat transfer press manufacturers and achieve great discount for our clients.


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Roll Heat Transfers

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