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Roll Heat Transfers Application :

  • Sportswear,baby-wear,t-shirts,socks and underwear.
  • Shoes and leather industry.
  • Insoles, gloves, Galoshes, PVC and PU materials.

Roll to Roll Heat Transfer Labels

If you want to drastically increase the efficiency of your operation and boost your productivity, HasTagLab offers the solution for Roll to Roll heat transfers (R2R) system that is ideal for labeling or even for small heat transfer designs.

With our Roll to Roll heat transfers press that we offer the process is simple and quick. The only thing you have to do is put the fabric or material at the laser positioning mark and start the heat transfer. Positioning of heat transfer, pressing and peeling off, all in 1 step by pressing a foot pedal!

This process gives an important advantage in the garment manufacturing industry increasing the production by 400%-600%.
Extra advantages of R2R Heat Transfer Labels:

-Washable products that don’t shrink or fade
-High durability
-Stretching ability

This R2R heat transfer system has application on textile industry as well as on footwear industry, and can be used for:

-Tagless labels for all kind of fabrics
-Industrial clothing labels
-Special fabrics like leather, artificial leather, plastic, and materials of high requirements

Solutions We Provide


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